A Few Good Tips

Check Your Math

Many times, an audit is conducted simply because the person added or subtracted something incorrectly. It can be an honest mistake, but it is enough to give the IRS a reason to audit you. It can be helpful to have a CPA check your tax forms just to ensure everything is correct.

Don't Forget Your Signature

Your signature is required on all your tax returns. As simple as it might seem to just sign it and mail it out, many people forget. Again, it can be a harmless mistake, but it can make someone at the IRS suspect fraud or that you may have forgotten to include other items as well.

Make Correct Valuations

Donations can be deducted from your tax returns. Old cars or clothing can be donated, and you can put their value on your forms. However, you need to give a correct amount. You need to be as close as possible to the current market value at the time you donated the item.

Save Your Money

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